Quick ‘n’ easy writing tip: Avoid the blogging tumbleweeds by doing these 2 things

There it goes. See it? The tumbleweed bumbling through the wasteland of a blog. There are lots of blogs online and plenty of tumbleweeds too. A new blog has signs of life everywhere you look. Then comes the common pitfall. A week or a month may go by. Finding things to write about becomes more challenging.

That’s when the tumbleweeds appear.

You can avoid them by focusing on two things:

  1. Create a plan for your blog
  2. Be realistic

Create a plan:

Jot down blog post ideas for each blog category. Brainstorm daily. Sometimes you’ll come up empty; sometimes you’ll be flooded with ideas.

Be realistic:

So, you want to blog daily? Good for you. How long do you think you’ll keep that up for? Better to plan a weekly post, on time, every time, and expand from there once you’ve made it a habit.

Follow these two things and you’ll avoid the tumbleweeds – guaranteed.

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