Adding a personal touch to your website

There are oh so many reasons why you should add a blog to your website. I’ve gone into some of them in other posts on this site so I won’t cover old ground again here. I will say however that the personal touch is one of the most important elements of any blog.

The nature of the work I do means I ghostwrite blog posts and assorted other types of writing for many clients. This means their name is the one that goes on the material I write and not mine. I’m fine with that and it actually presents me with a wonderful challenge – one that is very different for everyone I work for.

Yes, we’re back to the personal touch again. I’m writing in first person now and this IS my voice because I’m writing as me and for me, and not for anyone else. Now if you’re thinking of hiring a blogger to create blog posts for your blog, you might worry as to whether they’ll provide the voice you are looking for.

It’s true that it can take a short while to achieve the ideal voice in this situation. A little feedback back and forth usually does the trick and gets both parties to the ideal end result – blog posts written by me that read as though they’ve been written by the client.

I cannot stress highly enough just how important it is to add that personal touch to your website. Having plenty of blog posts written in the first person reveals you as a person and not just a business. People know there is someone (at least one person) behind every website online, but actually having some connection with that person is very important. It could make all the difference between a sale and no sale as far as you’re concerned.

I’ve written posts in first person that are humorous. I’ve written ones that are in depth and extremely involved too. Others are more casual in tone and some are factual and close with a subtle call to action for someone to get in touch. However they all have that personal touch – the right kind of touch that makes sense for that particular business.

What would work for your business and are you doing it now?

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