How often should you add posts to your blog?

This almost sounds like the old chestnut ‘how long is a piece of string?’ doesn’t it? The only difference is this question isn’t quite as difficult to answer. Most experts would say the more the better, and there is certainly a lot of truth in that.

I have a personal writing blog aimed at writers rather than potential clients (you’ll find it at My Online Freelance Writing Life) and I ran an experiment last year where I blogged every day for a whole month. In that time I saw an increase in traffic, some of which stayed with me after the daily blogging experiment ended.

However you don’t need to go to this extreme (although as we know, Google loves fresh content so it wouldn’t do any harm to be blogging on a daily basis). An interesting factoid from Hubspot I came across recently revealed that businesses blogging between 3 and 5 times every month enjoyed double the amount of traffic and leads compared to businesses that didn’t have a blog.

Now those stats are pretty sobering. I know I have noticed that periods where I publish regular content to this website and to my personal blog see more traffic in each case. I also know that in the case of this website, I see more enquiries too.

What could regular blogging do for your website?

It’s worth thinking about, isn’t it? We’re not talking about lots of content each month. Many of my long standing clients have regular orders in place for one or two blog posts every week. This means they’re publishing between four and eight each month, potentially giving them more traffic and leads than they would have got otherwise.

I’ve talked before about the need to focus on blogging as an investment rather than a drain on your time and finances. The statistic I’ve shared above backs this up. How much would you pay to double the amount of traffic you get to your website? I’ll bet the investment you make in a regular series of blog posts is a lot cheaper than you’d think. It’s also something that keeps on giving back. Over time you create an archive of useful information that expands your site and provides yet more pages for people to find online.

Focus on your blog as an investment in the future of your business today and seize the many benefits that are just waiting to be discovered. Get in touch if you want to invest in regular blog posts – I’m here to help.

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