9 Reasons to Hire a Professional Blogger

9 Reasons to Hire a Professional Blogger

Have you ever considered hiring a pro blogger? Maybe you’re considering it now since you’ve found your way to this post. Lots of people think only of the cost when assessing whether to hire a professional blogger. But the cost is only a tiny portion of the picture. From your point of view, there are tons of benefits to hiring someone to write your blog posts for you. Some you may be aware of, but I bet there are plenty of advantages you hadn’t even considered.

Let’s go through the main reasons why hiring a professional blogger makes good financial sense for your business. It’s all about looking at what you’ll get for your money, rather than focusing on parting with that cash. Switch viewpoints and you might be surprised at how beneficial it is to hire a blog writer.


1: You won’t need to worry about deadlines ever again

meeting blogging deadlinesHow often do you try to publish a blog post on your site? Once a week? Twice a month? Whatever you aim for, you probably know the feeling of pushing your blog post down your to do list. Client orders, marketing, accounting, planning… these and many other tasks are important and cannot be pushed down the list.

Blogging may seem less important, but content marketing is one of the most important and powerful ways to find new customers. Yep – your own blog does qualify as a marketing tool. Probably one of the best ones of the lot. If you do it correctly and regularly, your website and business will benefit. Your bottom line too.

Publishing the occasional blog post isn’t enough. Whatever schedule you develop, stick to it. When you hire a professional blog writer, you can give them the responsibility of making sure your schedule is adhered to – week in, week out. Anyone worth their salt won’t fail you.


2: They’ll help you achieve the aims laid out in your content marketing strategy

blogging and your content marketing strategyYou do have one, don’t you? It doesn’t need to be a complex strategy. It could be something as simple as focusing on the main keywords and phrases you would like to rank well for. Of course, your content should always be aimed at your target website visitor or reader.

However, you probably have an idea of the phrases your audience uses to find websites like yours. A professional blogger can create worthwhile and readable content that focuses on achieving those aims. You can always develop a rudimentary content marketing plan later, once you start getting more traffic.

Check your Google Analytics data to see which keywords and search terms people are currently using to find your site. Could you mine those terms for more content ideas? Consider also whether you’re ranking for any search terms you haven’t written any content for. It’s a good starting point – and one you can build from too.


3: You can ensure your blog gets fresh content every single week – guaranteed

guaranteed fresh blog contentOr however often you want it. This follows on from the point I made above. When you write your own blog posts, they are just one of many tasks on your to do list. Whenever you skip writing one to do something else, you put your content marketing plans in jeopardy. Regular well-written content is the key to enhancing the value of your blog.

Think of it this way. You’re not just paying for a blog post. You’re paying for a well-written blog post, targeted to your audience, professionally written, and ready to get the results you want. That post doesn’t just deliver on the day you upload it to your website either. It keeps on delivering. It might even become one of your most visited posts. You’re paying for the cumulative effect of having regular new content on your website.

Let’s look at it another way. Let’s say you ask for one new blog post per week for the next year. In a year from now, your site will have 52 fresh blog posts written to your specifications. Your investment will have produced 52 posts that will still rank in the search engines. People will still find your website via those posts.

That investment will continue to pay dividends for as long as you keep those posts on your site. Adding still more means there are more ways to be found too. Can you be certain you will be able to write a new blog post every week? Really certain?


4: You’ll boost your sales

hire a blogger to boost your salesThis might just be one of the best reasons to hire a professional blogger. For many people, writing is hard enough. But there are also lots of other elements to consider when writing a blog post:

  • keyword research
  • what type of blog post are you going to write? (List post, evergreen post, news post, a roundup post, a review…)
  • how long should it be?
  • grammar, sentence structure, spelling…
  • deciding where new paragraphs should begin and end
  • choosing a powerful headline
  • following up that headline with a strong first paragraph
  • following that paragraph with another good paragraph…

Yes, you get the idea. It’s no wonder some business owners go pale at the thought of putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. We’re not all cut out to be writers. I love DIY, so I am quite happy to have a go at various jobs. (Turns out I’m great at wallpapering – who knew?) But the thought of filling in my own tax return fills me with dread.

So, I keep accurate records and turn them over to my accountant to deal with that part of the business for me. Yes, it costs money, but it is money well spent. It also frees me up to do other things I cannot farm out to other people. Like finding new clients and writing blog posts for this site, for example.

I know every blog post I write will have a positive effect on my blog and the traffic it receives. I also know that effect will continue from today long into the future. It’s the cumulative effect I’m going for. I’ve seen many times before how the number and length of posts I write influences the results I get. I write posts I hope will help people who are looking for information on how to write business blogs and posts for other websites.

Those looking to hire a professional blogger will hopefully benefit from the information in this post. Hopefully, you will too. I know there is a good chance some of the people who read this post will get in touch to ask about my blogging services.

That’s one of the best things you will appreciate when you hire a professional blogger. Their work will help boost your sales not just now, but long into the future too.


5: You’ll get more traffic

hire a blogger to help increase site trafficRegularly adding content to your site tells the search engines your site is frequently updated. I know, it’s obvious. But it puts your site ahead of those that haven’t been updated in weeks or even months.

New content also means there are more ways for people to find your site. It’s a double whammy – and one that will benefit you and your business day in, day out.


6: You’ll free up more time to do the important stuff you can’t hire others to do for you

hire a professional blogger to free up more timeHiring a blogger to write your blog posts for you is one task you can outsource. Plenty of other things can be outsourced too. But there are elements of your business that will always fall to you. No matter what you do or sell, you make the decisions about the direction your business will go in. You can get advice from others, but the final decision is yours.

If you constantly feel pressured and stressed; if you continually feel you don’t have the time to get everything done; if you can’t find the hours in the day… it’s time to delegate what you can. And as we have seen, the positive results you can get when you hire a professional blogger might surprise you.


7: You might benefit from hiring a professional blogger to provide other services too

hire a writer to provide other writing and blogging servicesWhile some pro bloggers only write blog posts for clients, others wear a blogger’s hat while working as a professional writer. That means they may also write articles, press releases, web pages, even eBooks.

Once you’ve found a professional blogger you can rely on, ask about other services they may provide. When other writing projects come to mind, chances are you won’t need to find someone else to handle them. You’ll already know the ideal person for the job.


8: You can still put your name to every blog post…

add your name to a professionally ghostwritten blog postCheck this prior to agreeing a job with a writer or blogger. However, if they work as a ghostwriter or write blog posts for businesses, they will normally provide the post without their own byline. That means you will get a unique, completed post you can publish on your website with your own name underneath.

You are the face of your business. You want your readers to know you are an authority in your field. When you hire a blogger to handle your blogging requirements, your audience need never know.


9: … and every blog post will be professionally written

professionally written blog posts for your siteThere is a caveat here. Some people who need blog posts or similar content head straight for the bidding sites to find someone. There are some good writers on those sites… but most professional writers find clients in other ways.

Bidding sites tend to be a starting point for many writers. They’re not places where people stay forever. Writers who produce high-quality work and have years of experience in their field cannot be found on these sites. They can be found on LinkedIn, via their own professional website (much like this one…), and via recommendations.

Remember, hiring someone to write your blog posts for you is an investment in the future of your business. You don’t just pay for the words. You pay for the experience behind those words. You are going to receive blog posts that will bring in traffic now and long into the future. It’s like earning compound interest from your savings (at least, it is when interest rates are reasonable).


You’re closer to hiring a professional blogger than you think

If you were a professional writer, you wouldn’t be reading this. If you’re thinking about hiring a blogger to help you transform your blog into a powerful way to get more traffic, more leads, and more sales, I can help. Say hi today and discover how I can help you develop the blog you’ve always wanted – one that gets results.

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