5 types of content you should add to your blog (with examples)

Inspiration is a funny thing. It never shows up when you want it to. You know it’s been a while since you added a new post to your blog, but you’re stuck for ideas. Inspiration is like a stubborn toddler. You sit down and stare at the blank screen, at the keyboard… and nothing comes. Nope, sorry, nothing today. Try again tomorrow.

Don’t start from scratch

No one would build a house without creating a set of plans first. Few people would set off on a long journey to an unknown destination without a map. So, why sit down to blog without an idea of what you could write?

Explore some of the most powerful blog post topics around today

Every piece of writing, from an article for National Geographic to the latest episode of EastEnders, starts with an idea. When you’re blogging, choosing a general type of post is a great way to inspire ideas. It provides a structure. It’s the body you’re going to hang some clothes from to make it your own.

I’ve listed some post types below; they can be used in any business or industry and on any blog. It doesn’t matter what topic your blog focuses on, you can create numerous posts on each type. Pick one and see where it takes you.

Note: There are several other types of content you could write as well. I’ve chosen to highlight the five mentioned here because I think they are the most accessible ones to work with for most people. Ready to dive in?

1: newsworthy posts

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, there are always new things going on. You just need to shape that news to highlight the advantages of your product or service to your readers.

Example: Did you know 95% of garden water butts contain legionella bacteria?

Neither did I, but recent research revealed this to be true. A client who offers water safety treatments and services to his customer base wanted a blog post on this topic. Legionella (and Legionnaires’ disease) can be closer to home than you think.

Takeaway: Which news reports have you recently read that you could turn into worthwhile blog posts to appeal to your readers?

2: evergreen content

You’ve heard of it, but what is it? Evergreen content never gets old or stale. It never goes out of fashion. You won’t read it in 10 years from now and laugh at how dated it is. It will be just as relevant then as it is now.

Example: Did you know there are multiple uses for a conservatory?

While many people use them as a sun room or dining room, others use them as playrooms, offices, and games rooms. One client wanted a set of 10 articles each covering a different way to use a conservatory. No doubt those articles are still drawing in people who are just thinking about getting their first conservatory.

Takeaway: Which evergreen topics stand out in your line of work? Which ones could you add to your blog to ensure people can always find the information they need?

3: list posts

What’s a list post? Simply, a post with a list of items, tips, or otherwise informative morsels of content people can quickly scan through and learn something from. These posts are among the most shareable ones around (another plus point for you).

Example: This post 🙂

You can have lists with three, five, 17, 125, or more items. Long posts do well, but if you have five great items to include on a list and no more, don’t be tempted to stretch it out. Let the post find its own natural length, just like I did with this one.

Takeaway: How many list ideas can you think of that would be useful to your target audience? Make a list (!) and add to it whenever you can to provide you with an instant list of blog posts to tackle.

4: how-to posts

Everyone loves these, and they are perfect for all businesses. I’ll prove that to you in a moment. In a how-to post, your aim is to provide a structured step-by-step article your target audience can benefit from. They may then contact you for help with their problem or buy from you if your products are designed to help them complete the task.

Examples: Some suggestions below

  • Dentists – how to know if you have gum disease (and what to do about it if you do)
  • Plumbers – how to fix a leaky tap
  • Shed supplier – how to put up a shed in half the time
  • Website designer – how to create a website that draws in visitors every day
  • CCTV installer – how to choose the right CCTV camera for you

Takeaway: What does your target audience want to do or achieve? How can you help them?

5: post series

My Quick ‘n’ Easy Writing Tips fit into this category. Some blog posts are fine going solo, but others are better as part of a series. A good tip if you’re stuck here is to look at expanding on a list post.

Example: I could write a post on each of the five blog post structures mentioned here.

It would give me an opportunity to dive deeper into each one, providing further ideas, suggestions, and examples.

Takeaway: Which topics are your readers interested in and could inspire a series of linked blog posts?

Got some ideas?

That’s where all good blog posts begin. Write them down before you forget them – ideas disappear if you leave it until later to jot them down. I speak from experience. If you’ve got the ideas but you can’t put them into words, I can help. And if you’re happy to write but you’re struggling to come up with some good ideas, I can help there too.

These types of content can be found on millions of blogs on the internet today. They’re popular for good reason. Structured, shareable, and useful, your blog – and your audience – can benefit from them too.

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