5 Awesome Ways to Find New Blog Post Ideas

5 Awesome Ways to Find New Blog Post Ideas

blog post ideasDo you ever find yourself running short of blog post ideas? There’s nothing worse than sitting down to write a blog post only to find yourself stuck for ideas on what to write.

When I first started writing, I took a course that covered short stories, articles, and various other forms of content (this was way before the days of the internet). One of my first lessons was to come up with ideas for two articles. Just two. It took me days to finish that assignment.

I doubt anyone reaches a point where finding blog post ideas (or ideas for any other form of writing) becomes easy. But it does get easier with practice. It helps if you have a few tricks and tips to produce those ideas too. Like these.


Indulge in some mind mapping

I’ve covered this before, so I won’t repeat myself here. Head over to my post on mind mapping to discover how just one session of it can trigger dozens of blog post ideas to work with. Maybe more.


Subscribe to email newsletters and updates for your industry

subscribe to a newsletter for your industryIf your blog is going to be a success, it must be aimed at your target audience. If you sell marketing services, your blog should be aimed at the kinds of people who are going to buy those services. I produce content for small businesses and individuals (typically B2C content), so I develop blog post ideas that cater to that audience.

Keeping your target audience in mind will help you develop ideas that appeal to that audience. However, you can also subscribe to newsletters targeting that same audience. I quite often do this. Let’s be clear – the idea isn’t to steal blog post ideas from other sources. Rather, by immersing yourself in lots of content your own readership would find interesting, you’re increasing the possibilities of finding new ideas of your own.


Answer questions your subscribers/customers have asked

ask a questionWhenever a customer (or would-be customer) asks you a question, consider whether you could turn your answer into a blog post. Maybe you’ve had several questions about the best ways to use the widget you sell. Write a post about it. Chances are there are other people who want to know the same thing – they just haven’t asked you about it.

You can use this technique in other ways too. For instance, let’s say you want to try and increase sales of a new product. Could you write a post giving people several unusual ways of using that item? Maybe there are things it could be used for people haven’t considered. This would appeal to your target audience, be interesting to read, and possibly trigger more sales too.


Put a new twist on an old topic

With billions of web pages all competing for attention, there isn’t much out there that is new. However, you can put a new twist on something we’ve all seen before. What’s your take on a familiar topic? Have you found a different way of doing something that’s worked well for you? Might it work just as well for your target audience?

Use mind mapping to generate ideas that might work in this respect. Look for new angles and twists wherever you can. It won’t always happen, but when you find one of these twists, be sure to use it.


Keep up with the news

Not just any old news, but news that is relevant to your industry. Use Google News to find out the latest information and headlines. Could you write something relevant that’s connected to a newsworthy event? Most industries see regular changes and some of them might be interesting for your target market to read about.

You can also use Google Trends to help you. Look up relevant search terms for your industry (and your country, if applicable) to find out what is happening and what people are looking for. This works in a slightly different way, but you can see what people are interested in. Which search terms have proven most popular in your industry lately?


How many blog post ideas can you find today?

keep a notebook handy for finding blog post ideasOne final tip. Keep a notebook and pen handy, or a note app on your phone or tablet if you prefer. Use them to start jotting down ideas whenever they come to you. When those blog post ideas start to flow, you might be surprised how quickly they continue to do so.

And if they don’t, you can always come to me ?


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