4 Secrets to Help You Write Better Blog Posts

4 Secrets to Help You Write Better Blog Posts

Do you want to write better blog posts? Most people with a blog or website would say yes. It can be difficult to know how to do it though. Looking at successful blogs can help enormously, but even if you like what you see it can be hard trying to replicate it for your own blog.

That’s why I’m going to give you four secrets to help you write better blog posts. You don’t need to use all of them in every post you write. Conversely, you could mix them all in if you wish. I’ve done just that here, so you can see how these techniques work.

By the time you reach the end of this post, you’ll know how to write better blog posts every time.


1: use plenty of subheads

subheads help you write better blog posts for readers short on timeJust like this one. People are pressed for time. They’ll be attracted to content that is broken into bite-sized chunks. It’s a lot easier on the eye than a huge wodge of content with no breaks, paragraphs, or subheadings in it.

If writing better blog posts is important to you, try adding subheads to break up your content. It will guide the reader through your content and encourage them to read it. Much better than putting them off after the first paragraph, don’t you think?

If anyone is in a hurry, they’ll be more likely to scan the subheadings rather than clicking away to another site. Even if they don’t read the whole post, they might read enough to remember your site and visit again in future.


2: don’t be afraid to quote yourself

quotes can help you write better blog postsI used to think only famous people should be quoted. However, since I became a professional writer, I’ve changed my stance. Writing better blog posts is all about providing worthwhile content for people to read.

You want people to read, enjoy, and hopefully share your content. Picking a quote or two from your text and making it stand out is a good way to encourage this.

Here’s an example:

“Writing better blog posts is all about providing worthwhile content for people to read.”

See how that works? You’re highlighting an important point for your readers. It also serves as another way to break up the text and provide further visual interest.


3: use bullet points to make your text stand out

use bullet points to make blog post text stand outJust as subheads make blog posts easier to read, so do bullet points. Bullet points are just as easy to scan as subheads. Writing better blog posts isn’t just about providing good value and actionable content. You also need to consider the visual element of blogging.

Call me crazy, but when I read a novel, I enjoy the way the words look on the page almost as much as I enjoy the story. When you’re blogging, the visual element is even more important. Bullet points help you in several ways:

  • They make the text easier to scan
  • They can be used to highlight benefits
  • They can be used to provide an easily-scannable list

You get the idea, I’m sure. Think about how you could build a few bullet points into your next blog post to help make it more appealing.


4: create a plan to help you write better blog posts

create a plan for your blog post before writing itAh, a plan. Do you write your blog posts on the fly? Or do you plan them in advance? While there is no right or wrong way to write, I do recommend you put together at least a basic plan. This has several advantages:

  • You can choose a target keyword for that post
  • You can identify your target audience (it may be a portion of your overall audience)
  • You can be clear on your topic for that post
  • You can break the topic into sections before you begin to write
  • It makes the writing process much easier
  • You can use the plan over and over to write better blog posts in future too

None of these techniques are difficult to use. The more you practice using them, the easier it will become to keep them in mind in future. There are many elements that can help you write better blog posts, but these four are among the easiest to adopt.

If you’re not a natural writer and you’re considering hiring a professional blogger to help take your business to new heights, get in touch today. Send me a quick message and let me know what you need. Let me take the pressure off writing, so you can develop your business in other ways.

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