The #1 Thing Every Blog Post Needs

The #1 Thing Every Blog Post NeedsI bet that’s got you thinking. What’s the essential ingredient? Keywords, perhaps. No? Okay, what about writing to a set length? Maybe 300- or 400-word posts are ideal, or something far longer at 1,500 words or more.


Think of something that applies across all topics, all industries, all posts, and all lengths of post. This is universal. You can tell when it’s there, and you can tell when it’s not. Posts that have it draw readers in, and those without it will struggle to. It works in all situations, on all blogs, and for all businesses. And you’d be surprised how powerful it is. I know, all that info makes it even harder to figure out the answer, doesn’t it?

What is this magic ingredient?


Not convinced?

Have you ever read something you couldn’t put down? If you have, whether it was fiction or nonfiction, you’ll know what I mean. You get swept up in the writing without even realising. You forget where you are. You’re not in bed anymore, or in your armchair, or curled up on the sofa. Instead, you’re in the 18th century, or prehistoric London, or in a boardroom hiding from the man coming through the door with a gun in one hand and a knife in the other. No matter the topic, the writer has real passion for it. They’re excited to write about it. That passion drives the text, making it livelier, more engaging, and hard to put down.

I believe passion is why some blogs have dozens of readers and others have thousands or more. I remember reading once that it is virtually impossible to develop a successful blog in the diet niche. It’s overstuffed (ironically) with plenty of those already. And yet every year, one or two brand new ones appear and overtake most of the rest. When you read these blogs, their posts are full of passion for the topic. Their owners succeeded in making their blogs popular – even though others said it was all but impossible to achieve.

Test the theory

Choose a niche, find some of the top-performing blogs in that niche, and read some of the posts. You’ll find they speak to you in ways other less successful ones do not. Honestly, I don’t think it matters which industry you’re in, what business you run, or how big or small your target audience is. If you can inject passion into your blog posts and other content, chances are you will reach more of your audience than you would without it.

Every successful blog stands out. Most will have ample competition, yet they retain a leading position in their marketplace. Everything they post has hundreds of readers, if not more. Many of those readers leave comments, share their thoughts and share what they read on social media, too. The better the post, the wider the potential reach.

Better still, a good blog post shot through with passion for its topic keeps on delivering. Someone may find that post months from now, and it could be the post that leads them to begin exploring your site. Blog posts aren’t just there to fill space, or to provide a quick read for someone who happens to click on them. They’re there to build bridges between your audience and you (and your business).

What could passion do for your business and your blog?

Imagine what would happen if you posted at least one new blog post every week. Something readable, engaging, and entertaining in its own way. No following builds overnight, but over time you could begin to achieve something big.

That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m working on a new design for my website behind the scenes, and that will be launched soon. But in the meantime, I’ll be publishing one new blog post per week.

If you want to know why your business blog is the most important thing for you this year, make sure you don’t miss my next post coming soon.

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