Writing Samples

Most of the content I write is ghostwritten for clients. This means once it is completed it passes to the client. Generally I have no further knowledge of where it ends up; either that or the client wishes it to be presented as their own.

I can however point you in the direction of some of my published work online.

Articles and blog posts:

THE EVOLUTION OF A GARDEN: http://www.squidoo.com/the-evolution-of-a-garden

EZINE ARTICLES: (includes articles written for several clients I have worked with, as well as some of my own work) http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Allison_Whitehead

CAREER PATH 360: http://www.careerpath360.com/index.php/tips-for-selecting-the-right-profession-for-you-5-24159/

LIFE CENTS: http://www.lifecents.ca/content/using-twitter-to-promote-your-business

WRITER 2 WRITER: http://freelance.writer2writer.com/writing-for-the-internet-vs.-writing-for-magazines-is-it-the-same.htm

HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH: http://howtospeakenglish.co.uk/how-to-speak-english-quick-lesson-99-talking-about-the-new-year/


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