Speak out! Share your voice with your visitors

There are plenty of reasons why updating your website regularly is a smart thing to do. It’s a great way to promote your site for one thing. It also results in a better performance over time in the search engines. But it’s more than that. Regular updates give you a chance to develop your voice. […]

Every website home page needs refreshing now and again

I’m not talking about refreshing it in your browser. I’m talking about refreshing it in the eyes of your target audience in their browsers. The home page of a website is a lot like a supermarket. Think about your local supermarket – the one you go to a lot. You know where everything is so […]

Building Your Community

Did you know you had a community? You could have, if you took the steps necessary to build one around your business. You can build a community in lots of ways. You can join social media sites to engage with people there. I’m on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ and probably one day I might even […]

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