What I learned about outsourcing (and how it could help you too)

How often do you outsource tasks to others? Some people think purely in terms of finances when they consider outsourcing. This applies to everything from hiring a blogger to hiring a cleaner. How much will that cleaner cost per hour? How much will you pay a blogger to write some posts for you? You get […]

Take advantage of one trial offer you cannot afford to miss

OFFER NOW CLOSED! But I’ll never stop offering great content at affordable prices, so get in touch now and let me know what you need. You can still order anything from one single article or blog post to a whole batch of articles. * * * I’m always looking for new ways to help people […]

Will keywords eventually become obsolete?

Interesting question, hmm? They’re certainly not the be all and end all of good content anymore. There was a time when you could write an article focusing on one specific keyword, mention it half a dozen times or however many was prudent for the length of the article, and hope to get it reasonably well […]

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