The #1 Thing Every Blog Post Needs

I bet that’s got you thinking. What’s the essential ingredient? Keywords, perhaps. No? Okay, what about writing to a set length? Maybe 300- or 400-word posts are ideal, or something far longer at 1,500 words or more. No. Think of something that applies across all topics, all industries, all posts, and all lengths of post. […]

Set goals to achieve more with your business blog

Most people start a new blog with a flurry of activity. That flurry soon slows to a trickle and it often dries up to nothing before too long. It’s understandable – especially when the blog concerned is a business blog. I admit it – I’ve been guilty of this in the past. It’s easy to […]

Blog posts – gifts that keep on giving

Advertising soon sinks without trace, no matter how big a splash it makes to begin with. This holds true online and off, regardless of the channels you use. But what about blog posts? Can the same be said about these too? Actually no, it can’t. I was looking for information on the importance of regular […]

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