Every website needs a makeover from time to time

Including mine 😉 That’s why my site was in maintenance mode for most of the weekend. Sometimes it’s worth giving up a weekend off to focus on your own goals, don’t you think? I actually really enjoyed getting the work done – it was long overdue but my client workload was too heavy to give […]

Does it seem strange asking for help with content?

It can if you’re not used to it. However it’s always worth considering whether or not you should ask for help because it could be the missing link between having a good website or a great one that is achieving all kinds of things for you. Don’t get me wrong – some people love creating […]

Quick question: what can I do to help your business get ahead?

Could I write that press release you’ve been meaning to get written for a while? How about providing some blog posts to schedule on your blog for the next month or so, while you’re too busy to write them? Maybe there’s a page on your website that needs some attention but you just don’t have […]

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