Why hire a blogger when you can write your own blog posts?

Good question! And I’m going to give you the answer. Now I know you’re thinking ‘well she’s a professional blogger so she obviously wants to write them because she gets paid for them’. Yes, fair enough that IS a good reply. But it’s not the only reason I decided to write a blog post with […]

One essential trick to help you hire a blogger who can get the job done

Is that a trick headline? No. If you want to hire a blogger to provide blog posts on a regular basis for your business blog, it’s not enough to hire the first blogger you come across. While you can take your pick from a range of different bloggers, there is no guarantee that the one […]

Professional blog content: is it worth it?

Plenty of people have a blog they use to bring in new business and clients. Some people write their own blog content, but many others seek out the services of a professional blogger to create the content on their behalf. There are many good reasons for doing this. The blog owner may not have the […]

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