Top 10 Specialist Subjects #7: Personal Finance

After some thought I have added this as my seventh specialist subject. As I look back over the myriad of articles and blog posts I have written over the years, personal finance is definitely a common subject. Just to give you an idea of how far ranging this topic goes, here are some themes I […]

Top 10 Specialist Subjects #6: Product Reviews

Now this isn’t a specialist subject as such. But it is something I tackle a lot for various clients, and I do really enjoy writing them. Most clients have some kind of format they want me to follow, which is fine. Other clients are happy for me to structure the reviews however it works best. […]

Top 10 Specialist Subjects #5: Social Media

People can’t seem to get enough of social media. Some want basic information on how to join a social media site and how to choose which one would be best for them. Others want to know how to promote their business using social media websites. Still more want to know if they can make money […]

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